TiE Distinguished Speakers Series – 2nd Edition

Hosted Mr.Naga Prasad Tummala, Chairman, from People Combine Group. He talked about his entrepreneurial journey which could be summarized as “Building Businesses & Creating Value”.
The event was followed by felicitation of Mr.Naga Prasad for his recent exit from Oakridge Schools.
Mr.Naga Prasad took us through 26 years of his entrepreneurial journey touching upon key dilemmas and crossroad situations that an entrepreneur would encounter especially during the business highs & lows, investments. He shared his thought process when he encountered those tricky situations and the decisions made, the impact of the decisions in the short run and long run. He spoke about doing business with values which would help create world-class institutions.

Some words to remember form speaker;
– Whoever finds a solution to a problem is an entrepreneur.
– Important in business: people – principles – product
– Focus on Child Centric Education in Oakridge International has built the brand.

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