Workshop for startups in Visakhapatnam on Feb 15, 2018

TiE Amaravati wanted to connect with the existing startups and guide them to take-off to next level. TiE Amaravati’s workshop titled “Jumpstart your startup – Liftoff to Escape Velocity” was a one day workshop held on 15th February 2018 at Sunrise Towers, Visakhapatnam in association with AP Innovation Society. This is the first of TiE Institute’s activities in the Visakhapatnam region.

The content of the workshop has been designed to target young startups and take on the operations of existing startups looking to grow to the next level. The facilitator for the event Mr.Abhishek Srivastava, Director at Endiya Partners and Charter Member of TiE Hyderabad, has taken all the participants through a fast tracked acceleration program. The event saw participation from enthusiastic entrepreneurs and as many people are showing curiosity over the future events of TiE Amaravati, it came across as the no-brainer that the workshop was well received all over.

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